The CHAOSS Community podcast elevates conversations about metrics, analytics, and software for measuring open source community health.

About the show

This CHAOSS Community podcast features members who spent considerable time and effort to understand open source community health and how we can measure it through metrics, analytics, and software. We invite guests to this podcast to talk about how they use open source community health metrics and software in their own open source communities, companies, or foundations. This podcast fills the gap with open source community metric definitions and software on one side and their use on the other side.

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  • Episode 88: Practitioner Guides: #2 Contributor Sustainability

    11 July 2024  |  33 mins 23 secs

    In this episode of CHAOSSScast, host Alice Sowerby, along with Dawn Foster and Elizabeth Barron, discuss measuring and improving open source community health through contributor sustainability. The conversation highlights the importance of documentation, the balance of contributor roles, and proactive community building. They share insights and examples on how projects can avoid single points of failure, the significance of onboarding processes, and the impact of asking for help. The discussion also underscores the human aspects of open source contributions and provides practical strategies for long-term project viability. Press download now to hear more!

  • Episode 87: Celebrating 2 years of CHAOSS Africa

    27 June 2024  |  37 mins 37 secs

    In this episode of CHAOSScast, host Elizabeth Barron is joined by panelists Anita Ihuman and Ruth Ikegah, along with guests, Enock Kasaadha and Maryblessing Okolie, as they
    delve into the experiences and contributions of CHAOSS Africa, a regional chapter of the CHAOSS Project. They share personal stories of how they got involved in open source, the influence of CHAOSS Africa on their careers, and the community's growth over the past two years. Discussion highlights include the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, the supportive nature of the CHAOSS community, and future aspirations for CHAOSS Africa. Press download to hear much more!

  • Episode 86: The Turing Institute: Using AI ethically with the power of Open Source

    13 June 2024  |  44 mins 51 secs

    In this episode of CHAOSScast, co-hosts Alice Sowerby and Dawn Foster welcome guests Aida Mehonic, Malvika Sharan, and Kirstie Whittaker from The Alan Turing Institute. The discussion begins with delving into the Institute's strategic vision, focused on using data science and AI to address global challenges in environment, health, and security. They examine the role of open source contributions in enhancing the ethical, accessible, and impactful uses of AI. The episode highlights various projects, such as The Turing Way, and the importance of community building, inclusive research practices, and the ethical considerations of AI. They also discuss the integration of CHAOSS metrics in their work and explore future projects and initiatives at The Alan Turing Institute. Press download now to hear more!

  • Episode 85: Introducing CHAOSS Practitioner Guides: #1 Responsiveness

    30 May 2024  |  31 mins 51 secs

    In this episode of CHAOSScast, host Alice Sowerby is joined with Dawn Foster and special guest, Luis Cañas-Díaz from Bitergia. Today, they delve into the Practitioner Guide series created by CHAOSS, particularly focusing on the Responsiveness Guide authored by Dawn. The conversation highlights the challenges people face in interpreting data and metrics within their projects and how the guides aim to provide actionable insights for improvement. Additionally, they touch on the potential risks of misinterpreting metrics and stress the importance of context and direct involvement from project teams to effectively address responsiveness issues. The episode also covers future directions for the guide series and ways the community can contribute and provide feedback. Press download to hear more!

  • Episode 84: Community Viability - how Verizon thinks about OSS risk

    16 May 2024  |  34 mins 46 secs

    In this episode of CHAOSScast, Dawn Foster, Matt Germonprez, Alice Sowerby, and guest Gary White, Principal Engineer at Verizon’s OSPO office, delve into the world of viability metrics models developed for assessing the risks associated with using open source software components. Gary explains the creation process of these models, their application within Verizon for software evaluation, and the significance of engaging with the open source community to enhance project viability. The conversations also explore the challenges and considerations in deploying these metrics within organizations, emphasizing the blend of policy enforcement and cultural influence to manage open source software dependencies effectively. Press download now to hear more!

  • Episode 83: Metrics for Organizational and Digital Infrastructure with Edward Vielmetti

    2 May 2024  |  45 mins 59 secs

    In this episode of CHAOSScast, Georg and Dawn chat with guest Edward Vielmetti, Developer Partner Manager at Equinix, where he oversees the Open Source Partner Program. Today, they delve into the significance of measuring open source community health using CHAOSS metrics. Edward discusses the importance of providing infrastructure support to open source projects and how Equinix uses CHAOSS metrics to evaluate project health and manage resources efficiently. The discussion also covers the challenges of maintaining open source project health, including governance, code quality, and resources, with insights into predictive metrics and the impact of corporate involvement in open source communities.

  • Episode 82: The AI Conundrum: Implications for OSPOs

    25 April 2024  |  39 mins 16 secs

    In this episode of CHAOSScast, host Dawn Foster brings together Matt Germonprez, Brian Proffitt, and Ashley Wolf to discuss the implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Open Source Program Offices (OSPOs), including policy considerations, the potential for AI-driven contributions to create workload for maintainers, and the quality of contributions. They also touch on the use of AI internally within companies versus contributing back to the open source community, the importance of distinguishing between human and AI contributions, and the potential benefits and challenges AI introduces to open source project health and community metrics. The conversation strikes a balance between optimism for AI’s benefits and caution for its governance, leaving us to ponder the future of open source in an AI-integrated world.

  • Episode 81: Managing Federal CHAOSS at

    12 March 2024  |  40 mins 25 secs

    On today’s episode of CHAOSScast, we focus on the experiences and initiatives of the Open Source Program Office at the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Host Dawn Foster is joined by Sean Goggins along with guests, Remy DeCausemaker, Natalia Luzuriaga, Isaac Milarsky, and Aayat Ali, all from various backgrounds within the CMS, who share insights into their efforts in maintaining and promoting an open source culture within federal services. Key discussion points include the launch of the CMS’s first open source program office, the development of a maturity model framework to evaluate open source projects, the creation of tools such as Repo Scaffolder and Duplifier to support open source practices, and efforts towards open source software security. This episode emphasizes the distinct aspects of opens source work in government settings compared to the private sector and highlights upcoming presentations at conferences. Download this episode now to hear more!

  • Episode 80: Counting Potatoes vs. Computational Mysticism - Using CHAOSS for Research

    28 February 2024  |  52 mins 59 secs

    In this episode, host Georg Link is joined by Daniel, Anita, Sophia, and Sean, to discuss their research experiences with CHAOSS metrics and software for open source community health analysis. They dive into various topics, such as collecting and interpreting data from different perspectives, considerations regarding privacy and ethics, and the importance of collaboration between academics and industry professionals. They also highlight some significant projects and studies where CHAOSS metrics and software were employed, and their hopes and concerns for the future direction of research in the field. Furthermore, they discuss the necessity of bridging the gap between academia and industry and touch on the importance of linguistics and cultural context when examining data.

  • Episode 79: The Mechanics of CHAOSS: A Deep Dive into Open Source Community Health Analytics

    21 February 2024  |  1 hr 1 min

    In this collaboration between the CHAOSS Cast and Mechanical Ink podcasts, hosts Dawn Foster and Schalk Neethling are joined by guests Daniel Izquierdo and Sean Goggins to discuss open source community health metrics.

    The focus is on providing an overview of two projects under the CHAOSS (Community Health Analytics for Open Source Software) umbrella - GrimoireLab and Augur. These open source tools gather data from diverse sources and analyze it to provide insights into open-source community health.

  • Episode 78: University Open Source Engagement

    30 January 2024  |  40 mins 29 secs

    In this episode, host Matt Germonprez is joined by panelists Sayeed Choudhury from Carnegie Mellon University, Clare Dillon from the University of Galway and Lero, Allison Kittinger from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Data Science Institute, and Zach Chandler from Stanford University. They discuss the intricate relationship between open source software and university missions, the role of libraries in supporting OSS, and the collaborative culture fostering community and innovation. The overlapping terrains of open science, open scholarship, and open source in the academic world are explored, along with the challenges and promises of developing universities OSPOs. Join us as we highlight the dynamic growth and potential of OSS in enhancing educational experiences and research output.

  • Episode 77: Open Source Metrics at Microsoft

    16 January 2024  |  22 mins 41 secs

    In this episode of CHAOSScast, host Dawn Foster has a compelling discussion with three guests from Microsoft’s Open Source Programs Office: Emma Irwin, James Siri, and Justin Gosses. The conversation includes how Microsoft measures the health of open source communities, their experiences with the CHAOSS Community, and the critical role of open source within the organization. Topics such as use of metrics, tackling security issues within scaling, and the future of metrics within the company were discussed. Also, they talk about the value of open source contributions within the business, the role of internal communities, and how they track and improve processes at Microsoft, emphasizing the importance of open source impact both externally and internally.