Alice Sowerby

Co-Host of CHAOSScast

Alice is a friendly and thoughtful person whose career is centered around operational leadership in tech.

She's currently on a sabbatical but previous jobs include Program Director for Developer Relations at Equinix, COO at an MLOps startup, and a range of roles in product, engineering, and marketing teams in B2B tech.

What she loves most about work is raising people up through collaborating, coaching, mentoring, and servant leadership. Her strategic and problem-solving skills mean she is valued as a key member of many groups. She is active in the TODO group in the OSPO Book project, in the AI working group in OpenChain and in comms with the CHAOSS project.

Alice is based in the UK, in a small village near Bath. She enjoys travel, dancing, gardening and astronomy.

Alice Sowerby has hosted one Episode.