Andrea Gallo

Co-Host of CHAOSScast

Andrea Gallo is VP of the Segment Groups at Linaro and is responsible for the activities on ARM servers, networking, mobile, digital home and IoT.

Andrea was former Fellow at ST-Ericsson and representative in the Linaro Technical Steering Committee since its creation in 2010. Previously with STMicroelectronics, he established the Linux software team in Bangalore working on the Nomadik application processor in 2004. Back in 1999 he was the technical leader for the ADSL and PSTN softmodem designs.

As a summer job trainee, Andrea worked at ARM in Cambridge in July 1987 and 1988 and for several years as a freelance teenager he wrote public domain software and articles for English and Italian magazines in ARM and Z80 Assembly, C/C++ and BASIC.

Andrea Gallo has hosted one Episode.