Episode 32

SmartSHARK: Reproducible Project and Code Analysis with Steffen and Alexander


9 April 2021

36 mins 16 secs

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Georg Link | Andrea Gallo | Sean Goggins


Steffen Herbold
Alexander Trautsch



Show Notes

[00:01:36] Steffen and Alexander introduce themselves and tell us what they do.

[00:02:29] We learn what SmartSHARK is.

[00:04:39] Alexander tells us where to begin if you want to learn about a repository using SmartSHARK.

[00:09:30] Sean talks about a similar project he’s working on as part of the CHAOSS project.

[00:10:40] Georg wonders what they have learned from the data and how they’ve used it since they’ve collected such a huge pile of data and have metrics on all of that.

[00:12:13] Alexander shares some insights on some of his research findings.

[00:16:17] Alexander explains what he means by static analysis and if the recommendations in the static analysis are language specific.

[00:19:18] Andrea wonders how Alexander defines the rules and if he refers to specific standards.

[00:21:35] Georg wonders if Steffen has looked at any other metrics, and if he has looked at any of those kinds of community health metrics if he’s paired them with the code metrics he was looking at. Steffen tells us about a database they are using.

[00:23:58] If you’re interested in exploring the data and seeing the insights, Steffen tells us where you can get started.

[00:26:27] Andrea asks Steffen if there are any public projects that he can share with us that he has seen improving or getting worse, and he tells us about literature on defect predictions in software.

[00:30:31] Georg asks Steffen if he had one wish for the CHAOSS Project what it would be.

[00:31:23] Find out where you can follow Steffen and Alexander online.

Value Adds (Picks) of the week

  • [00:32:27] Georg’s pick is the globalization, getting products imported from other countries.
  • [00:33:13] Andrea’s pick is a book called, In the Shadow of Man by Jane Goodall.
  • [00:33:42] Sean’s pick is his former master’s advisor at the University of Minnesota who helped Jane Goodall analyze her data.
  • [00:34:07] Steffen’s pick is global and local communication and visual communication, like Zoom or BBB, to stay connected.
  • [00:34:51] Alexander’s pick is learning a new language to help him relax.


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