Episode 31

Marketing Metrics for OSS Foundations and Projects with Aniqa, Caroline, Kristi, and Paul from GNOME and KDE


26 March 2021

37 mins 15 secs

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Georg Link | Sri Ramkrishna | Neofytos “Neo” Kolokotronis


Aniqa Khokhar
Caroline Henriksen
Kristi Progri
Paul Brown

Show Notes

[00:03:04] The four guests introduce themselves and tell us what community they are with.

[00:05:23] Paul and Caroline share with us goals they have when they are doing their jobs for these GNOME and KDE communities.

[00:06:37] Paul and Aniqa tells us what a typical day looks like for the work they do.

[00:08:22] Sri asks them what their goals are and current methodology.

[00:12:09] Paul asks Kristi how successful she is with people answering the surveys since he has seen so many people ignore them, and Caroline shares what they do as well.

[00:14:16] Georg asks the guests if there are other goals they have for their communities besides bringing in more diverse people. Sri wonders if they go back and look at audience numbers as an indication of brand propagation.

[00:17:05] Caroline explains to us what the Community Engagement Challenge is and what she did with the program.

[00:18:46] Paul shares with us about market share, user base, and his thoughts on those metrics.

[00:25:34] Caroline and Kristi tell us from a marketing perspective, how well their community is doing in terms of community health and what metrics they use in that communication.

[00:28:33] We end with the guests each telling us the one metric they would like to see and what it would be. Also, find out where you can connect with them online to follow their work.

Value Adds (Picks) of the week

  • [00:31:23] Georg’s pick is making Marzipan.
  • [00:32:10] Sri’s pick is his two black cats.
  • [00:32:39] Caroline’s picks are her dog and a tool used for events called, Indico.
  • [00:33:320] Kristi’s pick is a super cool book called Awareness by Anthony De Mello.
  • [00:34:08] Aniqa’s pick is her nephew sharing what is happening at home.
  • [00:34:20] Neo’s picks are his dog and the CHAOSS Diversity and Inclusion Events Badging Program.
  • [00:35:07] Paul’s picks are Asian cooking and electronic boards for building circuits (linked below).




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