Episode 30

Databases, Privacy, and Licenses with Matt Yonkovit


12 March 2021

48 mins 14 secs

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Georg Link | Don Marti | Venia Logan


Matt Yonkovit


[00:31:22] “We didn’t open source it to get help from the community, to make the product bigger. We open sourced as a freemium strategy; to drive adoption,” quote by MongoDB CEO.

[00:37:32] “And I think that hurts the overall willingness for a lot of companies to invest heavily in community because community is a long tail activity. It’s about fostering relationships that last multiple companies. It’s about the fostering relationships that go over many years. And I think that’s a very important and key thing because when you look at marketing, is really designed to how do I get sales to get optimized? How do I get them leads to generate? So I think that’s an important thing to consider, is you’ve got this thing where you’ve got, Hey, I’m looking for the long term health of the community, but the bigger the community I have, the bigger pie that sales, eventually people will come in.”



Show Notes

[00:02:51] Matt tell us what Percona is and what he does there. He also tells us what his day-to-day looks like.

[00:05:45] Since Matt’s community seems to be very diverse and spreads across a lot of platforms creating a lot of content, he talks about where all his community facets are how they tie into and generate a lot of the content that supports here in community.

[00:09:25] Georg asks Matt if he looks at the health of these communities that they are a part of or what does he look at.

[00:14:20] Matt talks about the laws that have been enacted recently and how people have become data hoarders.

[00:16:40] We learn about most applications having the consent now on the internet, and Matt talks about schemas and how it’s like an anti-developer thing.

[00:21:51] Georg brings up in the CHAOSS project and how they are crafting data policy or privacy policy for their open source project because the idea that we work in the open, the data is available, but some people don’t want them to analyze it even though it’s out there. Georg asks Matt if he has any ideas on this.

[00:24:39] Don asks Matt if he finds himself taking private discussions and then going through the work of sanitizing them to the point where they can be shared with the community as a public content resource.

[00:26:28] Venia wonders if Matt has a specific policy or data destruction point for their support tickets. Matt talks about having to implement different encryption schemes.

[00:28:44] Matt shares his thoughts on open source licenses around databases. He mentions a talk he did at FOSDEM recently on “The Death of Openness and Freedom.”

[00:35:55] Venia talks about metrics and putting together a dashboard for your community, and then asks Matt if he would say a lot of this could be cut off if you were to look at Metrics A rising and Metrics B lowering in proportion.

[00:39:42] From the point of view of a developer who’s starting a new project, Don wonders how to balance the data base option against the option of running an open source database and managing it yourself. Matt explains database service being both a good thing and a bad thing all at the same time.

[00:43:09] Matt tells us where we can find him online and more about his talks, blog, and podcast.

Value Adds (Picks) of the week

  • [00:44:07] Georg’s pick is Graphic novels to encourage reading.
  • [00:44:37] Venia’s pick is a free book on communicationcache.com called, Virtual Teams That Work.
  • [00:45:30] Matt’s pick is he’s excited to see ARM processors benchmarks.
  • [00:46:27] Don’s pick is an open source project called Pi-hole.


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