Episode 4



12 June 2020

56 mins 2 secs

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Matt Broberg | Venia Logan | Sean Goggins | Georg Link


  • Ray Paik
  • Manrique Lopez
  • Valerio Cosentino



Show Notes

[00:02:33] We start here with learning about what measurement tools exist in the CHAOSS project.

[00:07:06] Georg gives us some context on how Bitergia, GrimoireLab, Bitergia Analytics, and CHAOSS all relate to each other.

[00:09:01] Manrique fills us in on why Open Source is relevant to what they’re doing with Bitergia and GrimoireLab.

[00:10:37] Since Venia is the co-creator of one of the metrics, Matt is wondering when she looks at the GrimoireLab tool chain, how does that add value to what she’s looking to achieve with it?

[00:12:41] Ray has a question for Manrique and Georg and wonders what have they benefited from joining CHAOSS and what have they been able to gain from being a part of a larger community? Also, have there been other benefits that they have gained from working with other software communities related to metrics?

[00:16:04] Venia mentions how she wants to applaud Bitergia for how much they advertise CHAOSS and Bitergia being completely separate entities and she explains.

[00:17:55] What is the goal of using GrimoireLab and what are some examples of people using it right now?

[00:22:56] Ray tells us how he uses GrimoireLab. Also, Venia gives us her thoughts on dashboarding.

[00:32:22] Sean is curious to know what kinds of choices are made in the design of the GrimoireLab technology to prohibit, prevent, or create some of transparency around anything that might be used to measure and individual? Also, since Git Log stores his identifying information organically, how do they handle that technically? Manrique answers these questions.

[00:00:00] Matt asks Valerio if he has any stories or ideas that come to mind on how he chose to write the software that would be interesting to somebody that may not be as deep in the code as him?

[00:39:12] Valerio is a mentor for Google Summer of Code participants and he’s going to tell us a little about what that is.


  • [00:48:00] Georg’s pick is a book by Benjamin Birkinbine called, “Incorporating the Digital Commons.”
  • [00:48:50] Venia’s pick is a term that she always uses all the time from Chris Mercer, MeasurementMarketing.io which is, “The truth is in the trend, the power is in the pattern.”
  • [00:49:42] Manrique’s picks are quotes he uses in his presentations. One is, “If you can’t measure it, you cannot improve it.” Another one is, “Without data you a just a person with an opinion.”
  • [00:51:21] Ray’s pick is a great book called, “The Tyranny of Metrics,” by Jerry Z. Muller.
  • [00:52:40] Valerio’s pick is valuable advice. He says,” Metrics are important, but you need to contextualize them, and you should not understand just the metric itself, but the people who contribute to your project. When you look at the data you should have an understanding of your community to see if you are not misrepresenting or misunderstanding the data you have.
  • [00:53:24] Sean’s pick is a technical plug to a project called PlaidML. They have a cute logo too ☺!
  • [00:54:25] Matt’s pick is that he recently upgraded his Linux laptop to Fedora 32. It’s fun to use!


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Google Summer of Code

“Incorporating The Digital Commons”-Benjamin Birkinbine

MeasurementMarketing.io-Chris Mercer

“The Tyranny of Metrics”-Jerry Z. Muller


Fedora 32

GrimoireLab Install Blog Post

GrimoireLab’s Project Hero’s Journey Story

GitHub Docker composer


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