Episode 5

Defining “Open Source Community Health”


19 June 2020

43 mins 59 secs

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Dawn Foster | Matt Germonprez | Sean Goggins | Georg Link | Don Marti



Show Notes

[00:02:43] Georg explains Open Source, Open Source Community, and Open Source Community Health.

[00:04:25] The rest of the panelists give their opinions on Open Source Community Health.

[00:08:04] Dawn talks about OpenSSL, which is an Open Source project that is in use by almost every single big company in the world but maintained by only a couple of people who could barely afford to do it.

[00:08:45] Don wonders if Open Source Metrics would have helped companies address the OpenSSL situation before it became a headline problem? Sean and Dawn give their opinions.

[00:10:00] Since Sean mentions sustainability, Georg asks Sean where’s the distinction between health and sustainability or is that the same thing?

[00:11:47] Matt wants to know when you’re looking at a software community how much do you differentiate between looking at the community purely from a using the software perspective versus looking at the community from, I would like to contribute to this community?

[00:15:24] We talk about the different working groups here and we talk about other ways that we can conceptualize other areas of community health.

[00:17:10] Dawn makes a point to say when we talk about working groups, what we’re really talking about coming up with definitions for metrics and anyone can contribute. Don talks about different categories in which he thinks of metrics.

[00:20:43] Sean asks Don if there are a lot of job postings for a particular technology? Does the fact there may be many jobs for Kubernetes right now and does that influence how many people participate in that project? How do people decide what to contribute to?

[00:24:30] Sean wants to know from Dawn what are some of the things VMWare concentrates on and she lets us know.

[00:29:08] The panellists talk about the different ways we can get insights to Open Source Community Health.

[00:37:16] Don clarifies what he means when he says, “projects site each other.”

[00:38:25] If you are interested in getting involved in CHAOSS find out here.


  • [00:39:50] Georg’s pick is that he added some new fish, 10 Neon Tetras, to his aquarium.
  • [00:40:19] Dawn’s pick is a picnic backpack.
  • [00:41:02] Sean has two picks: Augur Slackbot and the importance of health. Please pay attention to your own health.
  • [00:42:11] Don’s pick is he’s been having fun with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).



Neon Tetra

Picnic Backpack

Augur Slackbot

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)



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