Episode 6

CNCF, DevStats, and TODO Group with Chris Aniszczyk


26 June 2020

51 mins 31 secs

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Georg Link | Brian Proffitt | Nicole Huesman


Chris Aniszczyk



Show Notes

[00:02:19] When we talk about community health, Chris tells us what comes to mind for him in the context of CNCF. He also tells us what his role is at CNCF.

[00:06:03] Brian is curious to how Chris has adapted his metrics or if he’s adapted his metrics to compensate for the fact that he is in such an explosive mode of growth and has he made adjustments for that.

[00:10:40] Chris talks about CNCF being a vendor neutral organization.

[00:13:12] Nicole wants to know of all the different things Chris is measuring, are there a few that rise to the surface as either the most important or some things that have been aha moments or surprises for him.

[00:15:43] Chris talks about how the view of diversity and inclusion is within the Cloud Native Community and some of the investments that he’s making there.

[00:21:58] Nicole asks Chris to talk about the wonderful people working in the Cloud Native community. He discusses what percentage of men and women CNCF is comprised of and how they are part of the Linux Foundation.

[00:26:28] Georg wants to know how CNCF does metrics for the governing board, technical committee, the project, SIG (Special Interest Group) for the working groups, or do they even go at that level. Also, DevStats provide metrics and how does that play into this. He also explains the annual report and how it all fits together.

[00:31:27] Brian is curious to know from Chris how CNCF began their journey with metrics and where was the start?

[00:34:15] Chris tells us how he views the roll of the CHAOSS project and what he would like to see from the CHAOSS project.

[00:37:29] Chris tells us about the work he does at the TODO Group, which is a network of Open Source Program offices.

[00:42:00] Chris gives us some advice for anyone starting out their open source program office journey.


  • [00:45:39] Georg’s pick is Percy Jackson Books by Rick Riordan.
  • [00:46:03] Brian’s pick is for people to have recharge days.
  • [00:46:58] Nicole’s pick is gravitating to provocative discussions such as the CHAOSScast Podcast as well as Code Together Podcast.
  • [00:48:20] Chris’s picks are a Netflix show called, 13TH and a book called, White Fragility, by Robin DiAngelo.


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