Episode 7

Your Community Story with Jono Bacon


3 July 2020

50 mins 22 secs

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Venia Logan | Nicole Huesman | Brian Proffitt


Jono Bacon



Show Notes

[00:02:16] Jono gives us an introduction what he does and how he got into his job.

[00:03:48] Nicole asks Jono what are some of the key strategies he’s used over the years to propel his career in community management and community strategy?

[00:07:10] Venia wants to know how Jono ended up managing the role of community manager as he went through his early days.

[00:09:52] Brian wants to know how Jono views the science part of the community health aspect of it and how has that evolved his experience, like early pioneer days to where we are now.

[00:16:15] Jono talks about things that worry him with data and how in recent years we’ve become data fetishists. He also talks about Earl Madman Muntz who ran a TV factory and he needed to reduce costs. Great story here. 

[00:21:38] Jono explains why he’s a fan of aggregate evaluation of the value. He talks about a model he developed over the years called the Community Participation Lifecycle.

[00:25:00] Brian asks Jono what he feels is the least understood aspect of being a Community Manager.

[00:33:20] Venia wonders where Jono sees this phenomenon of open source community management moving forward as it permeates the closed economic spheres.

[00:36:35] As we look at the CHAOSS project, Nicole wonders what role does Jono see the CHAOSS project playing in helping us understand the metrics of healthy communities and what would he like to see from the CHAOSS project.


  • [00:40:55] Jono’s pick is he likes the fact that people feel comfortable challenging him.
  • [00:42:44] Brian’s pick is ways to find easy comfort points for new people coming into a community and making them feel a little more welcome without necessarily making drastic changes to your own community.
  • [00:44:28] Venia’s pick is if there is someone you truly want to follow, you want to be like, see if they have something written, it could be a blog, a podcast, or a YouTube video. Hit them up! Maybe see if there’s some piece of content you can read.
  • [00:45:27] Nicole’s pick is diving into the book, People Powered, by Jono Bacon, and building a relationship with folks and having thought provoking discussions with cross industry thoughtful discussions.


Jono Bacon

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People Powered: How Communities Can Supercharge Your Business, Brand, and Teams by Jono Bacon

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