Episode 8

Mautic Community with Ruth Cheesley


10 July 2020

45 mins 9 secs

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Georg Link | Venia Logan | Don Marti | Nicole Huesman | Daniel Izquierdo




Show Notes

[00:02:56] Ruth tells us all about herself, her background, as well as what Mautic is and what they do.

[00:04:41] Ruth shares with us what she’s doing with the metrics platform and how that has informed her work.

[00:06:31] Nicole mentions Ruth’s blog and she recently launched a community health dashboard. Since within the CHAOSS project they work with different metrics around community health, she wonders which metrics does she find most useful and not as useful? She also explains how these metrics have affected her work since she’s made changes to the community over the last year.

[00:09:27] Ruth tells us what her plan is moving forward to balance contributors with users of the platform who might be non-coding. Venia asks Ruth if she finds that you have to balance the demand of users using the platform but who can’t contribute with the amount of people contributing to the program? Are these viewed as two separate but inner connected communities or do you treat them as one large community?

[00:11:52] Don wonders if Ruth sees a lot people who are active in both maintaining a plugin and then also contributing to core or perhaps being a maintainer on a plugin and then also a core contributor?

[00:13:42] Daniel asks if Ruth if she has had any feedback from the community about privacy issues. She also explains how Mautic is handling the general PR of policy limiting what we can do as marketers.

[00:18:18] With all these challenges and the features that the software needs to provide, Georg wants to know if this is something that the community takes up. Also, since Ruth said there’s a lot of education that needs to happen on how to use the tool properly, how does that get into the community?

[00:20:38] Ruth talks about documentation and Mautic participating in a Google Season of Docs.

[00:23:07] Nicole brings up something interesting Ruth brought up in her blog about a project that brings together contributors and makes them experts in a particular area of contribution where they’re contributing to features of a project.

[00:25:56] Ruth fills us in on the community health report and the way she’s done it to inform people how to do it their own communities to great health and community empowerment. She also tells us if she uses a lot of qualitative data processes when building the report and what the conversations look like between the community members who read the report.

[00:30:25] The topic of KPI’s and metrics being monitored is discussed here.

[00:33:10] Integrating privacy tools and the challenge marketers face with the number of tools they have in their stack is discussed.


  • [00:37:55] Georg’s pick is Brandeis University Open Source Technology Management program-OSS Community course.
  • [00:38:47] Venia’s pick is measurement starts with “good enough” and that is fine.
  • [00:39:33] Don’s pick is “Hellobot” on Keybase.
  • [00:40:37] Nicole’s pick is having the opportunity to garden. Also, she recommends a book she’s been reading called, Low Maintenance Gardening.
  • [00:41:59} Daniel’s pick is aligning with the topic of COVID-19, he is amazed how resilient the Open Source industry really is and how everyone is worried, but we keep working and keep advancing.
  • [00:42:52] Ruth’s pick is Savannah-Community Managers CRM.


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