Episode 34

Anniversary Episode with Georg, Dawn, Matt, Sophia, Elizabeth

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Georg Link | Dawn Foster | Matt Germonprez | Sophia Vargas | Elizabeth Barron



Show Notes

[00:04:29] Georg dives right in to tell us why he wanted to start this podcast and the project, also, we learn the early goals he had with the podcast and the success the podcast has had in the last year. He mentions different episodes to check out.

[00:08:00] Dawn tells us what she’s appreciated about the CHAOSS podcast over the year.

[00:09:42] Dawn, Sophia, and Matt share the episode that was most interesting to them and what they learned from that episode.

[00:13:12] Elizabeth shares the impact she has seen with the podcast on the community as a whole, and Sarah shares thoughts as well about the podcast being able to highlight the diversity in which metrics are important and applicable.

[00:16:10] Georg talks about what he sees as the future of the podcast and the CHAOSS Community. Matt shares thoughts on the podcast as well.

[00:19:38] The panelists share how they see the CHAOSS Project evolving and where do they see it heading now from where we’ve come in the last four years.

[00:25:42] Dawn and Matt talk about how CHAOSS is trying to broaden the reach of work by moving into doing translations for both Chinese and Spanish.

[00:26:50] Georg recognizes everyone who is working behind the scenes to make this podcast possible.

Value Adds (Picks) of the week

  • [00:29:22] Georg’s pick is an article, “This 5-Move, No-Gym Workout Got Matt Damon Fighting Fit in His Forties.”
  • [00:29:59] Dawn’s pick is GitHub bots that automate all the things, specifically with the Kubernetes prow.
  • [00:30:54] Sophia’s pick is World of Code DB.
  • [00:32:41] Elizabeth’s pick is a Twitter account called “place where cat shouldn’t be.”
  • [00:33:15] Matt’s pick is Morel mushroom hunting tips.


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