Episode 19

GSOC: Anomaly Detection with Pratik, Akshara, Sarit, and Tianyi


25 September 2020

49 mins 23 secs

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Georg Link | Sean Goggins


Pratik Mishra
Akshara P
Sarit Adhikari

Show Notes

[00:04:02] Sean tells us how he was a mentor to all these students and what they all did.

[00:05:39] Each student will discuss their project, the machine learning they used, and the outcome they were able to generate. Pratik shares his project first, and Georg asks if he can just plug in any metrics, even as new ones are developed, and start seeing behavior.

[00:10:09] Pratik tells us about clustering or label of activity and what this means.

[00:12:16] Akshara talks about her project, what she implemented, and what she is able to do now that her work is complete.

[00:19:43] Akshara talked about building a prediction model and Georg wonders if she tried out how accurate her prediction was and did she go out and actually predict probabilities and then observed over a week or two how likely those were to be merged.

[00:20:55] Sarit talks about his project, what he worked on, and what he is able to do now that his project is complete.

[00:25:11] Georg asks Sarit what he learned about open source projects and is there a way of interacting that is better than another. Also, what is the insight you can gain from this kind of analysis. Sarit also tells us how the conversation mechanism could be different.

[00:28:26] Tianyi tells us about his project, what he worked on, which is different than the others, and what he is able to do now that his project is complete.

[00:34:36] Georg asks Tianyi if he looked at the strength of connections between projects. He also wonders if there are any other insights that Tianyi got from looking at the most active GitHub repositories.

[00:38:46] Tianyi interprets the clustering coefficient of 0.5 for us.

[00:40:21] The students share their experiences from their projects, and they tell us if Google Summer of Code lived up to their expectations going into it.


  • [00:45:37] Georg’s pick is his new bike and going biking.
  • [00:46:00] Sean’s pick is what is in scarce supply which is “silence.” (his kids are home all day doing virtual school ☺).
  • [00:46:20] Sarit’s pick is a camping trip he took last week.
  • [00:46:40] Akshara’s pick is finding time to have a virtual meet with her gang of friends form college.
  • [00:47:34] Pratik’s pick is having a virtual meeting with his friends from college.
  • [00:48:03] Tianyi’s pick is he took a vacation and went back home to spend time with his parents and grandma.


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