Episode 20

CHAOSS + FINOS: Lessons Learned with Rob Underwood

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Venia Logan


Rob Underwood

Show Notes

[00:01:10] Rob tells us about himself, his career, and what he does at FINOS.

[00:03:34] Rob talks about the culture and the environment that he built this tool in FINOS.

[00:12:38] Rob tells us about being blessed in his career with some great mentors, and he shares a story about one.

[00:16:34] We learn from Rob about the “tool” which is their board reporting and program health check. It is a rubric in order to present a set of criteria.

[00:21:44] Venia summarizes the rubric.

[00:23:21] Rob explains the philosophy behind selecting the metrics they did.

[00:28:18] We find out what some of the metrics are which Rob calls “dimensions” and he explains each of these dimensions in detail.

[00:34:58] Venia tells us to go to podcast.chaoss.community-Episode 11, if you’re looking to get involved in diversity and inclusion, which is a really great place to start.

[00:37:38] Rob tells us about some big highlight metrics that he’s excited about.

[00:46:35] We learn what the first step is toward community leaders implementing and adopting this tool in their own community

[00:50:32] QIA process is mentioned by Venia.

Value Adds (Picks) of the week

  • [00:51:48] Rob’s pick is VOTE and wear a mask.
  • [00:52:12] Venia’s pick is donate and contribute, especially to the people who are working on the front lines.


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