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Diversity & Inclusion with Emma Irwin

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Show Notes

[00:03:02] Emma tells us all about herself, her work at Mozilla, and what her journey was like.

[00:07:07] Georg brings up the CHAOSS Diversity Inclusion Badging Project that Emma talks about.

[00:10:02] Venia is curious to know from Emma what badges are available and what level of degree are people going to be able to use them in order to negotiate their own identities in an online space?

[00:12:28] Don wants to know if the badging helps address concerns by project maintainers that they can be inclusive without taking on personal data stewardship responsibilities. Georg mentions Matt Snell leading the badging project, and how he just had a talk at the Open Source Summit North America, where he talked about everything they’re doing.

[00:15:48] Emma tells us the number one problem that people make when they approach community health metrics. Also, she tells us how she recommends people go about coming up with good questions.

[00:22:17] Venia asks Emma to talk about where the silo concept meets the exclusivity concept and how that worked.

[00:27:00] Venia wants to know where is this working group, where is CHAOSS going to move forward now, especially since diversity and inclusion, at least here in the States, is now a mainstay part of the news.

[00:32:34] Don asks Emma if there is a metric around some kind of a community decision making in open spaces that might be more inclusive than the kind of project decisions that might get made at an in-person event.

[00:34:06] As we think about diversity and inclusion, and society in tech and Open Source, Georg asks Emma what do you think we can do?


  • [00:40:29] Georg’s value add is watching his foster child learning how to ride a bike at 14 years old.
  • [00:41:11] Vania’s value add is sometimes it’s worth throwing money in the dark.
  • [00:42:01] Don’s value add is stophateforprofit.org.
  • [00:43:29] Emma’s value adds are Kim Crayton’s course on “Introduction to Being Antiracist,” a Podcast called “Seeing White,” and being a gardener!


Emma Irwin Website
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CII Best Practices Badge Program
Badging by CHAOSS
Badging Project presentation at the Open Source Summit North America
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Open Source Summit North America
Kim Crayton course, “Introduction to Being an Antiracist.”
Kim Crayton Twitter
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