Episode 12

How Social Marketing Interfaces with Community with Michelle Dalton


7 August 2020

45 mins 20 secs

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Venia Logan | Foundjem Armstrong | Nicole Huesman


Show Notes

[00:01:21] Michelle gives us her background and fills us in on her journey into community management.

[00:04:30] Digital marketer and where the engaged group sets in its strategic plan is discussed, as well as how big the digital engaged community is.

[00:07:44] Michelle talks about what her job looked like in the service area and how it changed in engage.

[00:09:39] Nicole asks Michelle if there have been any surprises or things that you didn’t expect in her role as a community manager.

[00:12:05] Venia asks Michelle to talk about how the digital marketer views the evolution of marketing community as relationships and how it may impact the evolution of open source communities.

[00:14:08] Michelle gives us some insights on what she thinks she can bring to inform open source communities. She explains human to human interaction.

[00:17:43] Michelle tells us how she balances her communication inside of her team, with her public, and give her public some power in the actual company, and how does she navigate that tension.

[00:21:58] Armstrong wonders if Michelle has observed any path of success which an open source community learned from her instantly.

[00:24:40] Venia wonders if Michelle would say that your community has transcended the notions of being useful or successful in regard to your terms and goals, and the community has become meaningful? Also, what does she think that means to all of her community members that they view this community as a place where they can garner meaning? Michelle mentions a woman in their group, Cyn Mobley, who is a rock star, and talks about her.

[00:29:15] Nicole wonders how Michelle brings up other community members and encourage them to be more active and jump in.

[00:34:40] Michelle explains how the onboarding process broke down, how she dealt with it, and where she stands now. She also talks about the atmosphere which attracted these people to come into the community.


  • [00:40:09] Venia’s value add is to dedicate yourself to a hobby.
  • [00:40:46] Nicole’s value add is enrolling her son in a coding camp.
  • [00:41:48] Armstrong’s value add is a cool park he discovered.
  • [00:43:29] Michelle’s value add’s are redoing her bedroom and downloading sleep apps.


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