Episode 33

Managing Portfolios of OSS Projects with Emil Wåreus


23 April 2021

43 mins 18 secs

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Georg Link | Sophia Vargas | Armstrong Foundjem


Emil Wåreus



Show Notes

[00:02:33] Emil tells us all about himself, what he does, and explains what software composition analysis is.

[00:05:10] Sophia asks Emil for his perspective on open source health, measuring the quality of open source, and what it means for his customers and his platform. He mentions a great book to read as well.

[00:08:52] Emil tells us what people struggle with the most in terms of what he needs to help them understand or reeducate them in what is valuable in here, and how he helps them understand why they should care about these things.

[00:13:32] Emil explains how his journey started in open source and how it has evolved over time.

[00:15:32] Armstrong brings up future engineering and his concern with bias and perspective of communities, and Emil goes into more detail about it.

[00:20:41] We learn about a graph model of all open source that Emil is developing.

[00:22:24] Sophia wonders if Emil is interested in tracking the influence of individuals in these systems and if that’s something that could often muck up very systematic approaches and how he handles it. He talks about a project called Flask RESTX that he recommends.

[00:27:38] Armstrong brings up the problem with maintenance which draws him to the metrics and how the social aspect of this community is a huge concern, and he wonders how Emil mitigates this aspect since an open source community deals with the socio-technical.

[00:30:25] Emil walks us through his terminology.

[00:35:52] Armstrong asks Emil how open he is to collaboration to make sure that we can work to view a very complex set of a model that we are presented. Sophia also shares interest in working with Emil’s model within the CHAOSS project and within some of their research divisions at Google.

[00:38:48] Find out where you can connect with Emil online.

Value Adds (Picks) of the week

  • [00:39:32] Georg’s picks are he’s getting the COVID-19 vaccine soon and a great book called, Ready Player One.
  • [00:40:21] Sophia’s pick is making homemade broth and stocks.
  • [00:41:07] Armstrong’s pick is crunching data.
  • [00:41:30] Emil’s pick is a project called Cowait, that is open source and runs on Kubernetes.


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