Episode 18

DevRel Metrics with Mary Thengvall


18 September 2020

40 mins 8 secs

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Matt Broberg | Nicole Huesman | Foundjem Armstrong


Mary Thengvall

Show Notes

[00:01:48] Mary tells us all about herself and her job.

[00:03:05] We find out from Mary what DevRel is.

[00:05:20] Nicole asks Mary to talk the DevRel position being such a unique position and often people may want to apply traditional marketing metrics to the role and sometimes that doesn’t really work, so she explains why.

[00:11:17] Matt wants to know how Mary handles the organization that is so used to trying to build these metaphorical engines everywhere and how do you try to explain DevRel from a data perspective if you don’t have the same easy metaphor available to you. She brings up the “Orbit Model.”

[00:17:53] Armstrong asks Mary if this is a different kind of MetaMetrics that captures different forms of metrics and tries to present it to a different audience.

[00:22:17] Mary tells us her thoughts on the whole notion of the unintended consequences of metrics or measurement, which is always a hot topic.

[00:29:06] We learn how management measures Mary’s success and how does she evaluate her performance.

[00:32:10] Mary tells us what she would like to see from the CHAOSS Project and how does she see the CHAOSS Project being helpful from a DevRel perspective.


  • [00:35:08] Mary has two picks: a book called, Working in Public, _by Nadia Eghbal and a video game, _Horizon Zero Dawn.
  • [00:36:53 Armstrong’s pick is Ordy cartoon.
  • [00:37:38] Nicole has two picks: I AM C-3PO and A Famous Dog’s Life (Audiobooks).
  • [00:38:48] Matt’s pick is the research of George Lakoff and his book, _Metaphors We Live By. _




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Mary Thengvall Twitter

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The Business Value of Developer Relations by Mary Thengvall

The Orbit Model-GitHub

“DevRel Qualified Leads: Repurposing A Common Business Metric To Prove Value,” by Mary Thengvall

Working in Public: The Making and Maintenance of Open Source Software by Nadia Eghbal

Horizon Zero Dawn-Steam

Ordy Cartoon

I AM C-3PO (Audiobook)

A Famous Dog’s Life (Audiobook)

Metaphors We Live By- George Lakoff

George Lakoff Website

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