Episode 17

Growing as a Community Manager through Metrics with Antonio Nardella


11 September 2020

47 mins 23 secs

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[00:02:42] Antonio tells us how he got to IOTA and what his journey was like.

[00:04:54] We learn about a contest Antonio won and how important it was getting the job as Community Manager at IOTA. He also tells us what skills you need to make money.

[00:10:47] Sean asks Antonio how he approaches his role as a Community Manager in that context since it’s so diverse.

[00:13:17] Daniel wants to know if Antonio is using other types of metrics that are more related to serving the community or interviewing specific people. He also tells where he heard about GrimoreLab.

[00:17:45] With 300,000 community members as a Community Manager, Sean asks Antonio how many projects, communities, and repositories he is trying to keep track of.

[00:20:07] Antonio talks about his approach to identifying who is in his community.

[00:23:51] We learn about the metrics Antonio is using.

[00:27:00] Sean asks Antonio when he looks at the metrics, are there things that block him from getting certain information and are there questions that you want to answer but can’t.

[00:29:10] Antonio mentions needing to be out in the community and do some social listening, and Georg has a suggestion on how the CHAOSS project handles this with their social currency metrics system.

[00:32:16] Daniel has some advice to share about how he was looking at different projects on how to make open source self-sustainable.

[00:36:56] Antonio shares with us what it means to him when he talks about a healthy community.

[00:40:19] Antonio tells us where we can find him on the internet.


  • [00:41:24] Georg’s pick is his husband and if you have someone that brings joy to your life just cherish that.
  • [00:42:13] Sean’s pick is Routine.
  • [00:42:50] Daniel’s pick is Seneca (ancient Roman philosopher).
  • [00:43:46] Antonio’s pick is Rejection and Living the dream.




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