Episode 16

Role Diversity with Silona Bonewald


4 September 2020

42 mins 27 secs

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Georg Link | Armstrong Foundjem


Silona Bonewald

Show Notes

[00:01:52] Silona tells us about herself and her background.

[00:03:21] Silona discusses being a big believer of “Gang of Four Patterns.”

[00:05:38] Georg asks Silona how she thinks about measuring all these different parts of the community. She tells us one of the biggest compliments she got from someone at PayPal.

[00:10:18] We learn how the metrics were collected and she tells us they started open planning. She also tells us if there was a consequence of separating the group into two different groups to measure the metrics and how the evaluation was.

[00:15:09] Silona has “confessional” time and talks about Drupal.

[00:19:45] We hear about Silona not having active disagreement, but passive disagreement. She shares a funny story.

[00:24:18] Georg wants to know how is that feedback group when you’re looking at a metric community within your community, how do you show that you’re being effective and then secure more resources to continue growing.

[00:27:05] How can CHAOSS help, what do you see CHAOSS’s role in open source ecosystem, and how would you like CHAOSS to evolve to get the most out of it.

[00:31:04] Georg brings up InnerSource Commons and how Silona is doing some amazing work to document the best practices and patterns to help organizations adopt. She lets us know how she works in the open in a collaborative way.

[00:34:28] Silona talks about standards and wanting to raise the maturity level of open source and standards has some really awesome processes for a lot of that.

[00:37:08] Silona tells us where we can find her and her work on the internet.

Value Adds (Picks) of the week

  • [00:38:59] Georg’s pick is buying a piece of land.
  • [00:39:48] Armstrong’s pick is All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy: Take time off work and enjoy the quietness of nature.
  • [00:40:21] Silona’s pick is having to grow my team this week by hiring six new people.




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