Episode 15

OSPO Metrics with Stormy Peters


28 August 2020

48 mins 54 secs

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Matt Broberg | Daniel Izquierdo | Armstrong Foundjem


Stormy Peters

Show Notes

[00:02:46] Stormy tells us what is an OSPO providing a company. She also tells us what kind of skills you need to be in an OSPO.

[00:05:43] Matt asks Stormy if there are certain organizations that she’s noticed or has there been a pattern of adoption of OSPO’s as a part of the org chart. She also talks about Microsoft.

[00:08:22] Since Stormy has been at Microsoft a year now, she tells us her journey at Microsoft and what she’s bringing to the organization that’s going down this line of an open source evolution.

[00:09:28] Daniel asks Stormy if OSPO is an effect of a company becoming more open source friendly, so a good open source citizen, or is this procreated by companies willing to be open source citizens. Stormy goes into the inner source functionality as well.

[00:13:56] Armstrong wants to know Stormy has any concern about what you can measure, and do you measure any metrics? He also asks if she knows about obsolete assumptions and if she’s ever encountered any.

[00:21:00] Daniel talks about how metrics are like colors, talking to people like different metrics, different colors, and probably one of the main reasons OSPO exists because we need the strategy. He also gives some recommendations.

[00:25:03] Armstrong brings up a good point about some people in life are color blind and giving organizations or any ecosystem at this certain metrics, we tend to be color blind to avoid measuring or we don’t want to measure, and Daniel said he has seen this behavior.

[00:28:22] Stormy tells us the OSPO’s role.

[00:30:45] Matt is curious as to what Stormy’s day to day is like when it comes to balancing all these different demands internally for open source expertise. He also wonders how she differentiates value as you’re looking at projects and how do you determine whether this is a valuable open source project for a business. The guys also share some advice of their own on how they perceive value.

[00:33:02] Armstrong shares some great advice here about having more diversity in projects.

[00:38:32] Daniel tells us what he looks out for as he’s evaluating valuable projects.

[00:41:23] Thinking about value, Matt wants to know something Stormy appreciates when she comes across an open source project.


  • [00:42:47] Stormy’s value add is how our work is changing and how we’re making it better and more efficient.
  • [00:44:29] Armstrong’s value add is walk and drink water.
  • [00:45:39] Daniel’s value add is asking how he can organize himself. Stormy and Matt have some ideas for him (linked below).
  • [00:47:36] Matt’s value add is fiddling with dotfiles and a project called, “Chez Moi” that helps.




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“Microsoft Analyzed Data On It’s Newly Remote Workforce”-Harvard Business Review
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