Episode 14

The Theory and Future of Measurement with Chris Mercer


21 August 2020

54 mins 49 secs

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Show Notes

[00:02:25] Mercer tells us what exactly MeasurementMarketing is.

[00:04:47] Matt asks Mercer how he filters through all of the digital data that’s available to us to make sure that this is somehow meaningful as a great tool.

[00:08:09] Don brings up Facebook’s instructions on digital marketing 101 and wants to know if that’s a thing that can be done. He also wants to know from a competitive point of view if Mercer is concerned about data going over to other companies that be better positioned to use it.

[00:14:21] Matt asks Mercer, in this highly dynamic landscape that he’s working in what are the ways that he goes about learning in this space.

[00:20:18] Looking at next generations of technology, Don asks Mercer if he’s looked at any of the proposed replacements for the third-party cookie at all, like Google’s Flock and TURTLEDOVE. Also, he wonders if there’s a metric for how measurable your audience is, kind of like a meta metric of how well the metrics work.

[00:28:32] Mercer goes through a few things that he thinks are most important for people who are trying to measure their communities and what should they know.

[00:37:04] Mercer explains one of his “ism’s” called “Results on How.”

[00:42:52] Venia wants to discuss how these theories and how the future of measurement Mercer has outlined it, is really going to impact CHAOSS. CHAOSS is providing so many metrics of giant toolbox and all of these communities that we’re looking to measure have to find that journey, have to use those pillars, so how do you think this will impact what CHAOSS looks like?


  • [00:49:33] Matt’s value add is he’s been running with his new dog to keep the brain clear.
  • [00:50:22] Don’s value add is spring cleaning and using a new tool called Earthly.
  • [00:51:05] Venia’s value add is the importance of building out an information diet.
  • [00:52:02] Mercer’s value add’s are walking on a treadmill and a start-up called “Knowhere.”


[00:31:18] “So, that’s the kind of journey that you go through and your job is not to create this massive gigantic implementation of just because you can, you should. That’s not how it is. You deal with the questions that you are trying to answer, and you build your implementation to answer those questions. Then you will start asking bigger questions naturally and then your implementation will improve to answer those, and then you keep doing that and the journey.”

[00:34:15] “Truth is in the trend; power is in the pattern.”




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