Episode 63

Revisiting Communities with Jono Bacon


19 August 2022

48 mins 53 secs

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Hello and welcome to CHAOSScast Community podcast, where we share use cases and experiences with measuring open source community health. Elevating conversations about metrics, analytics, and software from the Community Health Analytics Open Source Software, or short CHAOSS Project, to wherever you like to listen. Today, we’re having a revisit episode with a guest we’ve had on before. We’re so excited to welcome back Jono Bacon, a leading community and collaboration strategy consultant, author, and speaker, and previously led community at GitHub, Canonical, and XPRIZE. Our conversations today include a mix of revisiting some things we talked about in Jono’s previous episode, updates on what’s changed in the community industry and in his world, as well as some new things that are happening in Web3. Download this episode now to find out much more, and don’t forget to subscribe for free to this podcast on your favorite podcast app and share this podcast with your friends and colleagues!

[00:02:48] Jono gives us an introduction about who he is and what he does.

[00:04:22] We find out some key strategies that Jono’s been using lately to propel his personal career and development as a Community Manager.

[00:07:55] Lori wonders if anyone is seeing this move toward integrating and working with different tools as opposed to having everything centralized, and if this has to do with the onset of Web3. Jono tells us how he’s skeptical of the all-in-one community.

[00:10:20] Georg brings up how we need more diversity in the ecosystem of tooling and Jono shares his thoughts on this.

[00:13:14] Venia tells us about Grapevine communication.

[00:15:14] The cruise ship model of data structure is brought up and Venia wonders where Jono thinks that’s going to take us moving into the future of Web3.

[00:18:17] Georg asks Jono if he sees changes in communities and how communities work due to these new demands that are being put on them.

[00:22:35] Jono tells us what a Community Manager’s responsibility should be to the community by explaining it in three layers: Policy, Technology, and Influence.

[00:29:45] Lori expresses the importance of listening to the passionate people, and since community is a teachable profession, she asks, “Where does it go now?”

[00:34:26] Jono gives us his honest answer to the least understood aspects of being a Community Manager since a lot has changed over the last two years.

[00:38:16] Find out Jono’s opinion on how community manages metrics.

Value Adds of the week:

  • [00:42:31] Jono’s pick is something he learned from his coach that was super interesting which is, when you’ve got the right balance of enthusiasm and you’re only going to work with people who really are aligned on what you’re trying to do, you’ll get better at what you do.
  • [00:44:19] Venia’s pick is when you make a mistake, iterate the plan, and make sure you’re not iterating it yourself.
  • [00:45:39] Georg’s pick is a journey he’s taking to start reading more and learn about living healthier.
  • [00:46:17] Lori’s picks are to ignore your head and just go do something that you think is really going to make you happy, and the joy of finding these things that were a part of you in the past and you can now bring forward.


  • Venia Logan
  • Georg Link
  • Lori Goldman


  • Jono Bacon



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