Episode 2

Social Currency Metric System (SCMS)


29 May 2020

49 mins 55 secs

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Dawn Foster | Matt Broberg | Georg Link




Show Notes

Welcome to this episode of CHAOSSCast! Today, we have special guests, Venia Logan and Dylan Marcy of SociallyConstructed.Online. They are here to do some introspection on the process CHAOSS follows for defining metrics and to demonstrate this using the Social Currency Metric System (SCMS). It is a very interesting topic and if you don’t know much about SCMS, then this podcast is definitely worth a listen.

[00:04:00] Venia and Dylan introduce themselves, who they are, what they do, and brought them to CHAOSS.

[00:09:55] Venia and Dylan share how they came about to develop the initiation of the social currency metric system.

[00:14:54] Matt wants to know what it looks like to use SCMS (Social Currency Metric System) and Dylan explains.

[00:18:03] Georg wants to know what the sentiment is and what are these comments that they are talking about. Are they issue comments in open source, issue trackers, emails, slack messages? What is the qualitative data? Dylan and Venia explain.

[00:22:24] What role does sentiment analysis play into this whole system? Dylan and Venia have great responses.

[00:28:11] Matt B. is curious to know if the dashboard is a choose your own adventure dashboard or is it a tool chain, like a set of dashboards that are predefined? Venia loves this question and explains.

[00:33:18] Venia explains the very purpose of the Social Currency Metric System and Matt has an Aha moment .

[00:39:01] Georg wants to know how did Venia and Dylan get from having this very frustrated situation with SCMS talking about they need to do something, and now they have a metric in the CHAOSS project. What was this process for them? Venia responds with “Magic” and explains. Dylan gives a response as well.

[00:43:07] Dylan lets us know there’s a video to check out on sociallyconstructed.online that has tips, tricks, and tutorials.


  • [00:44:17] Georg’s pick is an aquarium he bought as the lockdown happened and he will be adding fish this week. Is has been bringing him much joy these past few weeks.
  • [00:44:42] Matt’s pick is a plug for video games. He just wants people to do whatever brings them joy and calm in this unprecedented time.
  • [00:45:42] Dawn’s pick is her balcony. She has finally cleaned it and bought some chairs for it and got to enjoy sitting outside.
  • [00:46:56] Venia’s pick is looking at community management. “There’s being the bear, and there’s being the flower.” She is being more the flower.
  • [00:47:39] Dylan’s pick is a saying, “This too shall pass!” We will all get through this global pandemic.



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