Episode 66

Deciding what metrics to measure for community managers with Bri, Lori, and Victoria


7 October 2022

49 mins 40 secs

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Hello and welcome to CHAOSScast Community podcast, where we share use cases and experiences with measuring open source community health. Elevating conversations about metrics, analytics, and software from the Community Health Analytics Open Source Software, or short CHAOSS Project, to wherever you like to listen. Today, we are joined by two wonderful guests that Venia met during an amazing talk at the Community Spaces. We have Victoria Cumberbatch, Founder of adventuresOFcommunity, a Community Development Consultancy, and Bri Leever, a Community Architect and Founder of Ember. Our conversations take us through finding out how everyone got their start in community, and what numbers mean for our brands and what they’ll mean for open source health. Also, we’ll find out about Bri’s learning journey, and more about the metrics Bri and Viki are using and the kinds of stories they’re telling with them. Download this episode now to find out much more, and don’t forget to subscribe for free to this podcast on your favorite podcast app and share this podcast with your friends and colleagues!

[00:02:33] Bri, Lori, and Viki fill us in on how they got started in community and where their love of community came from.

[00:09:15] Georg shares his story of how he got his start in community.

[00:12:57] There’s a great discussion about what numbers really mean for our brands and what they’ll mean for open source health afterward.

[00:16:45] Venia brings up a story about Morning Brew talking about the progression of their community, and Bri tells us about a community she’s managing for the company Piktochart and how they manage their metrics and interesting things they do with her.

[00:20:29] Bri mentioned the learning journey, and she explains what she considers the learning journey, the kinds of stories she finds herself telling, and the metrics she’s weaving in with the learning journeys.

[00:24:04] Venia talks about Chris Mercer and one of his main statements is no one is a numbers person, and Bri adds be saying, the power is in the pattern, and she tells us about a book called, Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know by Adam Grant.

[00:25:56] We hear what kind of metrics Viki uses, the kinds of stories she’s telling with them, and using the Cultural Adjustment Graph. Bri and Lori share some thoughts as well.

[00:32:30] Lori explains some of the behaviors she was speaking about.

[00:34:40] Venia asks everyone how they would systemize and turn that story into something that people can query on a weekly basis whenever they need. Bri tells us about a community platform called, Heartbeat.

[00:41:41] Georg highlights CHAOSS software.

[00:42:41] Find out where you can follow Viki and Bri online.

Value Adds (Picks) of the week:

  • [00:43:44] Georg’s pick is the WordPress community.
  • [00:44:44] Bri’s pick is having availability in her life to make friends in all areas.
  • [00:45:39] Venia’s pick is the importance of farming and shovel environments.
  • [00:46:41] Lori’s pick is being grateful that she’s around people who are really lit up by what they’re doing and sharing really neat things that they’re doing.
  • [00:47:37] Viki’s pick is finding a meetup group and playing volleyball with them.


  • Venia Logan
  • Georg Link
  • Lori Goldman


  • Victoria Cumberbatch
  • Bri Leever



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