Episode 3



5 June 2020

38 mins 29 secs

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Matt Broberg | Dawn Foster | Matt Germonprez | Georg Link




Show Notes

[00:02:23] Sean and Gabe explain what Augur is and how Augur is an integral part of the CHAOSS project.
[00:04:37] Carter explains some of the things he’s helped the team accomplish recently with getting Augur to be really easy to install, run, and configure.
[00:06:29] Gabe talks about how people are using Jupyter Notebooks with Augur.
[00:07:44] Georg is curious to learn a little more about why they decided to go with a single relational database and what challenges they faced, if any, in unifying the data from all the different platforms that Open Source communities are collaborating on.
[00:11:02] Matt B. asks the team if there is a given audience that this hits home for or if they are you finding community managers in Open Source space being a primary use case.

[00:11:56] Sean, Gabe, and Carter discuss some of the successes they’ve had along the way with Augur.
[00:16:14] Dawn talks about how Augur has been used in VMware’s Open Source Program Office. She also explains that Augur is more of a health tool. Find out why.
[00:23:17] The team explains how stemming these relationships with VMWare, what does this lead to next for Augur and how do these relationships change the roadmap for what Augur can be.
[00:27:58] If you are interested in exploring Augur and want to try it out, listen here to find out where Sean recommends you could start.


  • [00:32:19] Georg’s pick is a video game called, “Anno 1800.”
  • [00:33:04] Dawn’s pick is a video game called, “Tabletop Simulator” on Steam.
  • [00:33:44] Matt B.’s pick is an Open Source software called “Finicky.”
  • [00:34:30] Matt G.’s pick is to give a BIG thanks to the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, who’s been instrumental in funding the CHAOSS project since inception.
  • [00:34:58] Sean’s pick is a gentleman named, Jordan Love, who is a quarterback with an incredibly strong arm, chosen by the Green Bay Packers in the recent NFL Draft.
  • [00:35:26] Gabe’s pick is having a special 21st birthday quarantined with family and watching, “Money Heist” on Netflix. He says it’s very addicting!
  • [00:36:28] Carter’s has two picks: One is a library for converting an OpenAPI Specification to Sphinx documentation. His other pick is an album called, “Room to Breathe,” by an artist named Low Hum.



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