Episode 26

SustainOSS and CHAOSS


15 January 2021

43 mins 33 secs

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Georg Link | Venia Logan | Brian Proffitt | Richard Littauer | Pia Mancini



Show Notes

[00:03:54] Richard wants to know if metrics lose some of the qualitative aspects of communities and of projects by trying to find quantitative things and how are they not stripping away what really is the heart of open source.

[00:09:20] Pia wonders what are the most important qualitative metrics CHAOSS is evaluating. Georg tells us how they established the Diversity & Inclusion Badging Program (D&I Badging) at CHAOSS.

[00:14:48] Richard wonders if they’ve found a lot of uptake for the badges and if people have started using them.

[00:15:29] Georg tells us how people can get involved besides joining the working group. He explains three main areas that CHAOSS has to get involved.

[00:20:23] Pia tells us what Sustain is, how it started, and what they do.

[00:23:29] Venia talks about the concept of what a company, organization, or community is to people, and how they want to see something happen, so they ask for more structure. Pia tells us about Open Collective.

[00:27:36] Pia brings up doing the first Sustain and the first insights they wrote from the meeting about maintainers.

[00:29:57] Venia talks about her consultation services and how she works with other companies to produce community strategies. Georg tells us what he thinks works well for the Sustain community and what brought him in.

[00:32:41] Richard gives praises to Gunner and Pia for all the work they’ve done with Sustain, and Pia shares with us about having concerns the first time they did an event with a lot of people.

[00:34:49] Georg tells where you can get involved in the CHAOSS community and Richard tells us where you can get involved in the Sustain community.

Value Adds (Picks) of the week

  • [00:36:33] Georg’s pick is an open source project called the Toolkit for YNAB.
  • [00:37:36] Venia’s pick is Scribus.
  • [00:38:49] Pia’s pick is Open Prioritization by Igalia.
  • [00:39:42] Brian’s pick is reMarkable 2.
  • [00:41:40] Richard’s pick is the Audubon Christmas Bird Count.


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