Episode 25

GSOC: GitLab Data with Abhinav


18 December 2020

22 mins 29 secs

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[00:01:34] Abhinav gives us an introduction of himself and what he did at Google Summer of Code 2020. He tells us what it was like applying to the program, his experience throughout the process, discovering CHAOSS, and deciding on this project.

[00:03:31] Abhinav talks about working with Gitlab Data and the new feature he developed. Sean explains the merge request and the work Abhinav did with Augur.

[00:05:34] Sean and Abhinav describes how the pull request/merge request portion of how it’s set up and how much he was able to reuse or change it to implement the merge requests.

[00:06:57] We learn the most challenging part about reimplementing the architecture for the GitLab API and how he overcame it.

[00:08:28] Georg wonders once the data was there if Abhinav was able to use the same visualizations that he uses for pull requests or were there changes that he also had to do in the presentation of the data.

[00:10:25] Abhinav tells us how his experience was, how he worked with the mentors in the community, and how his learning experience was enhanced or encumbered by having peers on the Google Summer of Code.

[00:14:06] Abhinav explains what his experience has been like coming into an open source community.

[00:14:56] Since Google of Summer Code is done, Abhinav shares with us his plans for the future and where his journey is taking him now.

Value Adds (Picks) of the week

  • [00:18:07] Georg’s picks are Minecraft and Minecraft Earth.
  • [00:20:06] Sean’s picks are electricity and rubber flooring.
  • [00:20:48] Abhinav’s pick is to play the game “Among Us” with friends.


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