Episode 24

Starting a Metrics Company with Luis Cañas-Díaz


4 December 2020

33 mins 19 secs

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Georg Link | Andrea Gallo


Luis Cañas-Díaz



Show Notes

[00:02:20] Luis tells us all about himself, what he’s doing now, and how things evolved for him to get to this point.

[00:06:25] Andrea wonders when Luis started the company if he followed those kind of management books of starting the company for dummies where first you need a mission or vision.

[00:08:20] Andrea said some people say that maybe data is the new oil, or maybe it’s the way you use the data, or the metrics can be the new oil, and Luis responds.

[00:11:22] Georg talks about starting CHAOSS three years ago, and how happy he was that Bitergia was one of the Co-Founders bringing in all of this experience. He also tells us about a new thing on the CHAOSS website under “Initiatives” where you can find community reports on the some of the metrics they have been defining. Luis talks about this report too.

[00:13:58] Andrea wonders how many metrics Luis has available and if he has any common ones he recommends starting with. Georg wonders how does Luis identify contributors in open source and their organizational affiliation?

[00:16:50] With Luis’s long history of working with metrics and users of open source metrics, Georg wonders if there are any do’s and don’ts or anything that he would take away from this experience and say to someone who is doing this work that here are some pitfalls that you need to be aware of.

[00:19:28] Andrea talks about one of his favorite metrics, which is the geography one, Luis’s is the elephant factor, and Georg talks about the elephant factor.

[00:23:45] Georg tells us why he enjoys the diversity and inclusion metrics and the value metrics, and why they are so important to him.

[00:26:29] Luis tells us if he has a metric that is the most controversial or the most difficult to use.

[00:29:04] Find out where you can learn more about Luis’s work and where you can find him online.

Value Adds (Picks) of the week

  • [00:30:09] Andrea’s picks are Queen Crest Logo (Freddie Mercury’s design} and the book, Queen All the Songs: The Story Behind Every Track by Benoît Clerc.
  • [00:31:08] Georg’s pick is his growing family and finally feeling complete.
  • [00:31:29] Luis’s picks are a book called Persepolis _by Marjane Satrapi _and a video game called “Detroit: Become Human.”


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