Episode 38

Co.Lab and Increasing Diversity in STEM with Ruth Suehle


2 July 2021

39 mins 11 secs

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Sean Goggins | Brian Proffitt | Elizabeth Barron


Ruth Suehle



Show Notes

[00:01:16] Ruth tells us about herself and her background.

[00:03:56] Ruth fills us in on what Co.Lab is, what was involved with it, and what it was like taking it virtual. She also talks about some cool projects that they did.

[00:10:35] Sean wonders Ruth has been able to sustain the level of participation in Co.Lab since it’s gone virtual and she shares exciting news.

[00:12:11] We find out how much Co.Lab has grown in the past four years. She mentions SparkFun to purchase these fun kits.

[00:14:52] Brian remembers when the gaming and tech space gaming came out and Ruth talks about that curriculum that was part of the virtual. She mentions Red Hat Arcade and Game On text.

[00:21:33] Ruth shares more about the gaming community of practice and tells us about Open Jam.

[00:25:17] Ruth tells us other things they are keeping track of besides the number of attendees.

[00:27:11] Find out how you can get involved with Co.Lab as a volunteer. Ruth talks about how she hopes there’s a lot more of these experiences for kids in the future.

[00:30:24] Sean asks Ruth when the in-person events return, how quickly does she think of what she has accomplished in the virtual Co.Lab will be retained, or does she think that the virtual is now going to co-evolve alongside the in-person events.

Adds (Picks) of the week

  • [00:34:26] Sean’s pick is gameontext.org.
  • [00:34:43] Brian’s pick is the new Contributor.Link project.
  • [00:36:44] Elizabeth’s pick is an App called iNaturalist.org.
  • [00:37:27] Ruth’s pick is callforcode.org.


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