Episode 36

CHAOSS DEI Badging Initiative with Rachel Braun and Celia Stamps


4 June 2021

34 mins 27 secs

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Georg Link | Matt Snell | Ruth Ikegah | Matt Germonprez


Rachel Braun
Celia Stamps



Show Notes

[00:02:50] Rachel and Celia tell us what they do at the Linux Foundation.

[00:04:15] We learn what the goal was of starting the DEI Badging Initiative from the CHAOSS perspective.

[00:07:21] Rachel and Celia tell us why it’s important for events to take part in the badging initiative.

[00:10:46] Find out about the process of getting a badge.

[00:13:38] Ruth and Rachel explain more about the reviewer process.

[00:15:52] Celia and Rachel explain the process of getting started and the steps they took until they got the badge.

[00:21:40] Matt wonders if there are DEI related items that Rachel and Celia are working on at the Linux Foundations that CHAOSS is not asking in the badging application process.

[00:25:42] Georg is curious if after going through the process and getting feedback, if there were things that Rachel and Celia took away from it, things they learned from, or things they would do different with their events because they went through the process.

[00:27:38] Find out where you can follow Celia and Rachel online.

Value Adds (Picks) of the week

  • [00:28:36] Georg’s pick is using Respite in foster care and going on a trip to Sioux Falls.
  • [00:29:23] Ruth’s pick is DEI and learning how to care for people you don’t know as a reviewer in the Badging Initiative.
  • [00:31:12] Rachel’s pick is celebrating some milestones in her family and taking joy in the smaller things.
  • [00:31:51] Matt Snell’s picks are his upcoming wedding and his new dog Mabel.
  • [00:32:16] Matt Germonprez’s pick is going out with his family since it’s close to Morel mushroom hunting season.
  • [00:33:02] Celia’s pick is mentally and physically preparing for her baby #2 coming in mid-July.


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