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Welcome to the very first CHAOSS Podcast! In this podcast, we will share use cases and experiences with measuring open source community health. There will be elevating conversations about metrics, analytics, and software from the Community Health Analytics Open Source Software or CHAOSS Project. It’s new, and new is always good. And hey, it’s got that new podcast smell ☺. Since this is the first episode, we’ll be finding out more about our panelists. Kick back, relax, and take a listen.

[00:01:15] Dawn Foster has been in the industry for more than 20 years and she’s been working on Open Source software most of that time. She is currently at VMware where she is Open Source Community Strategy Lead. She started getting passionate about the open source software communities back in the early 2000’s when she was at Intel. Her interest in open source metrics really came out of feeling a need to justify her own existence.

[00:04:14] Georg Link started his open source journey with a project at openoffice.org. This experience of having a resilient healthy community that can go do its own thing fascinated him. Now he is working as Director of Sales for Bitergia, which is a company out of Spain, that provides metrics and analytics for a software development project and open source projects for the last eight years.

[00:05:44] Matt Broberg’s story with metrics is that he fell in love with community management early on. He was in tech support at a large storage vendor and in there he found out that he can build these communities of people that he truly enjoyed working with. Six years ago, he got a job focusing on open source. He fell in love with the ability for people to solve their own problem. He is currently the Technical Editor of Opensource.com. He is very excited to get this podcast off the ground!

[00:08:42] Matt Germonprez is a Professor at the University of Nebraska-Omaha in the College of Information-Science and Technology. It started for him with a class he was having with a seminar session that was on open source. He had a former student give a guest talk virtually about open source and he explained about corporate engagement with open source and it blew his mind. They both ended up writing a grant to the National Science Foundation that got funded to explore the changing nature of open source work. They worked on this project for about 5 years and they got to explore why and how companies are engaged.

[00:12:20] Matt G. tells us what the CHAOSS Project is and why it exists.

[00:14:12] Is CHAOSS an Acronym or a Backronym? It’s a great story!

[00:16:30] Dawn tells us the structure of CHAOSS and her involvement with it.

[00:19:26] Matt B. tells us what is was like to come to the CHAOSS Project and what is his experience getting engaged since he came last the project.

[00:22:12] Matt G. tells us we don’t have all the answers, but we work with anybody that wants to contribute to help find those answers of understanding community health better. Also, why did we start this podcast? Find out here ☺.


  • [00:28:33] Dawn’s pick is the Auger tool.
  • [00:29:30] Matt B.’s pick is Awesome Zoom Backgrounds for your next zoom or video chat. He wants to make things more entertaining for you and add some backgrounds to your life because we all need some fun in our lives right now!
  • [00:30:56] Georg’s pick is an interview between Jono Bacon and Jessica Deen on, “Open Source Community Health: Your Guide to Continuous (Community) Improvement.”
  • [00:31:35] Matt G.’s pick is a meeting he was at with Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, which was about funding for scientific open source software.




Awesome Zoom Backgrounds

Interview with Jono Bacon and Jessica Deen

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

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Matt Germonprez Twitter

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