Episode Archive

Episode Archive

70 episodes of CHAOSScast since the first episode, which aired on 1 May 2020.

  • Episode 58: Panel Discussion: The Future of Metrics

    6 May 2022  |  45 mins 3 secs

    Today, Venia, Don, and Sean are having a panel discussion about the juicy news with Google Analytics, the history of it, their experience with it over the years, and the future of metrics.

  • Episode 57: The Ins and Outs of Large Scale Research

    22 April 2022  |  35 mins 11 secs

    Today, we are excited to have as our guest, Hilary Carter, who is the Vice President of Research at the Linux Foundation where she leads the creation of decision-useful insights into the open source technologies and standards underpinning much of the digital infrastructure on which the global economy depends.

  • Episode 56: Using GrimoireLab to Understand the Health of Your Open Source Project

    8 April 2022  |  44 mins 8 secs

    On this episode we have joining us, Chenqi Shan, who’s an open source developer at Huawei Open Source management center. Today we have a great discussion about GrimoireLab, which is a powerful CHAOSS tool for gathering data, and we find out a multitude of dashboards that can be used to show metric models.

  • Episode 55: GSOC 2021: "Risky" Business

    25 March 2022  |  40 mins 16 secs

    On today’s episode, we have joining us as our guest, Dhruv Sachdev, who’s an undergraduate Computer Engineering student at Mumbai University and was a Google Summer of Code 2021 student for CHAOSS. Dhruv is here to talk about his path to open source and the project he did with the Google Summer of Code 2021.

  • Episode 54: CHAOSS DEI Reflection Project

    11 March 2022  |  30 mins 57 secs

    Today, we are talking about Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Reflection, which is a project that was internal to the CHAOSS project. Our DEI team that has been working on this is joining us to discuss the motivation for this journey, what they’ve learned, implemented, the metrics strategy, and the future of where they can take this work.

  • Episode 53: Gathering Open Source Usage Data with Avi Press

    25 February 2022  |  34 mins 51 secs

    Today, we are super excited to have as our guest, Avi Press, Founder and CEO of Scarf. Avi tells us all about Scarf, Scarf Gateway, the tools that compliment it, and details how Scarf is helping open source software developers use data effectively. Also, Avi shares something he was surprised about early on with usage of open source projects.

  • Episode 52: Understanding the Community through Metrics with Carina C. Zona [Part 2 of 2]

    11 February 2022  |  36 mins 6 secs

    Today, we have joining us again, Carina Zona, who is the Head of Developer Relations for Toolchain, which is the lead sponsor of Pantsbuild open source project. If you listened to our previous episode, in Part 1 we talked about the Pants community and how it’s been evolving over the last ten years, and there were conversations about some qualitative means of measuring and some culture around growing community. Today’s episode is Part 2, where we get more hands-on with what you can do with data with understanding the community. Also, Carina details about the tools they use to satisfy their data needs, how they organize all the data, and more about Savannah CRM and tagging.

  • Episode 51: Understanding the Community through Metrics - Carina C. Zona [Part 1 of 2]

    28 January 2022  |  44 mins 4 secs

    Today, we are super excited to have as our guest, Carina Zona, who is the Head of Developer Relations for Toolchain, which is the lead sponsor of Pantsbuild open source project, as well as the Founder of CallbackWomen. Our discussions take us into Carina sharing her knowledge about some qualitative means of measuring and some culture around growing communities. Her passion has been trying to increase gender diversity in this industry as a side project on top of developer relations, and we learn what she’s been doing to help advocate this. We learn more about the Pants community, what this project is, and Carina tells us about adding the welcome channel on Slack and the quantitative work she’s doing on it using Savannah CRM.

  • Episode 50: Recognizing all Kinds of Labor in Open Source Ecosystems with Amanda, Katie, and John

    14 January 2022  |  45 mins 54 secs

    Today, we have three amazing guests with us, Amanda Casari, Katie McLaughlin, and John Meluso. Amanda is a Developer Relations Engineer and researcher at Google at the Open Source Programs Office, Katie is a Developer Relations Engineer at Google, and John is the OCEAN Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Vermont. They are with us to talk about Project OCEAN (Open-Source Complex Ecosystems And Networks), how it came to be, where it is now, and what they hope to accomplish going forward. We also learn more about what they see as an open source ecosystem, and they go in depth about contributions and taxonomy.

  • Episode 49: CHAOSS Community Year 2021 in Review

    3 December 2021  |  51 mins 34 secs

    We are super excited for today’s episode because we are doing a “Year 2021 in Review” with our panel of representatives from the CHAOSS community from all around the world. Joining us today are Georg, Sean, Matt, Willem, Dawn, Nicole, Elizabeth, and Xiaoya. Our panelists tell us their favorite episodes from this year, we hear about new advances in software for CHAOSS Project, things that happened around metrics in CHAOSS, and DEI Badging for Events that was built out this year. Also, we learn more about conversations that happened from this year with metrics models, dependencies, and ethics guidelines. And finally, the panelists share with us where they want to see the CHAOSS Project going in 2022.

  • Episode 48: Creating Appreciative Communities and Implicit Mentoring with Anita Sarma and Iftekhar Ahmed

    19 November 2021  |  48 mins 48 secs

    Today, we are very excited to have two guests joining us, Anita Sarma and Iftekhar Ahmed. Anita is a Professor of Computer Science at Oregon State University and Iftekhar is an Assistant Professor at University of California, Irvine. They are here to talk about creating appreciative communities and implicit mentoring. We learn more about what socio-technical means, metrics to look at or use to understand if we’re on the right track, and some important things they learned from their research. Also, Anita and Iftekhar share their thoughts on how they see implicit mentoring and creating appreciative communities fitting together.

  • Episode 47: Writing the GrimoireLab Tutorial through the Summer of Open Source Promotion Plan with Veerasamy Sevagen

    5 November 2021  |  27 mins 43 secs

    Today, we have as our guest Sevagen, who worked with us on the Summer of Open Source Promotion Plan. We find out more about this program and more specifically Sevagen’s project, which was to revamp the GrimoireLab Tutorial, as well as an explanation of two major difficulties they faced for the project. We also learn how the mentors helped, the current status of the tutorial, Sevagen’s future plans, and what he’s learned from this program.