Episode 22

University OSPO Metrics with Stephen Jacobs


6 November 2020

41 mins 45 secs

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Georg Link | Brian Proffitt | Matt Germonprez


Stephen Jacobs

Show Notes

[00:03:18] Stephen tells us his background and how he got his start.

[00:08:00] From his early experiences with One Laptop per Child, Stephen tells us some things that are still relevant today with the work he’s doing around open source and the connection between where he started and where he’s at today.

[00:10:23] Brian asks Stephen if he has some immediate goals for the open source academic program that he’s continuing at RIT.

[00:16:02] Matt wants to know if Stephen counsels people through the process of picking the right candidate for open source. Stephen also talks about modifying the IP policy or creating an IP policy dedicated to open source.

[00:23:40] Talking about metrics now, there is a discussion about some challenges to overcome in metrics and the impact that the work in the open in software and other types of open has.

[00:26:04] On the idea of a healthy community, Brian asks Stephen how he is addressing the challenges with working in an academic environment with students who are rotating every four to six years and accepting student contributions.

[00:32:50] Stephen shares a story about his students working on an open project on a video chat program for One Laptop per Child, focusing on the needs of a deaf user.

[00:34:52] Georg is curious if Stephen has thoughts on how we can show impact in what kind of metrics we might be able to develop to show that we are doing good things in the maintenance of work that is not originally our own. Stephen mentions a community of professors called, Teaching Open Source.

[00:39:43] Stephen tells us where to find him online.

Value Adds (Picks) of the week

  • [00:37:00] Georg’s pick is a Crockpot.
  • [00:37:16] Brian’s pick is being cognizant of your time since it’s the most valuable resource that you have.
  • [00:38:07] Stephen’s pick is to be able to walk on his treadmill for sanity and physical health.
  • [00:38:56] Matt’s pick is a shout out to the Omaha Humane Society who helped him find his lost puppy.




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