Vladimir Filkov

Special guest

Dr. Vladimir Filkov is a Professor of Computer Science at UC Davis, where he co-directs DECAL, one of the top SE labs in the country. He is also the Director of Translational Data Science at UC Davis’s data science unit, DataLab. His research in software engineering has pioneered quantitative methodologies for understanding productivity and team-based software development via socio-technical networks and metrics extracted from recorded developer repositories and activities. His 110+ papers have garnered 4 distinguished/best paper awards and 2 test of time awards. He has led and managed extramurally funded, multi-year interdisciplinary projects in large-scale data analysis and analytics, especially for software development and genomics. His latest grant, is a $3.4M multi- institutional grant from the NSF to study how nascent OSS projects can become sustainable. Dr. Filkov is an ACM Distinguished Member.

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